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An engineer from Northern Production Association Arktika designs a shipboard UAV

The project explores the potential for creating a UAV capable of landing on water, performing mission tasks, taking off and returning to base.

19 August 2023

Igor Kostusev, Quality Control Inspector of Northern Production Association Arktika (NPA Arktika) participated in a UAV industry forum in Novosibirsk. The forum was held as a part of the educational workshop called Archipelago-2023. This is what the press service of the Arkhangelsk Regional Government reported.

Following the interview stage, 17 teams from several Russian regions were chosen, one of which was from Severodvinsk. The project was led by Igor Kostusev, a marine engineer, Lomonosov Prize laureate, and a Quality Control Inspector at NPA Arktika.

"It's always a pleasure to share the scientific achievements and triumphs of our region's residents. The Severodvinsk team's project ranked among the top three projects on UAV development and industrial design," posted Alexander Tsybulsky, the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region, on his social media account.

At the forum, Igor Kostusev presented a design project for a shipboard UAV. These vehicles are tasked with visually inspecting damage sustained by their mother ships and distressed vessels, as well as swiftly locating people in the water using thermal imaging cameras.

They can also be used to gather climate data, locate icebergs, and even promptly deliver medicine to remote regions. The UAV can also be outfitted with a hydroacoustic system for carrying out various target missions.


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