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A new tourist cluster to appear in the Yakut Arctic

In the Verkhoyanskiy district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), it is planned to form a tourist and recreational cluster named 'Verkhoyanye — the heart of the Arctic.'

13 July 2022

The cluster master plan was prepared by the Agency for Tourism Development and Regional Marketing of the Republic. This is reported by Alexander Stotsky, the Director General of the Project Office for Arctic Development in the Arctic Today column of Arctic Russia.

The project is focused on the capitalisation of natural assets of the area: record low air temperatures, typical for the area (up to –67.8°C in 2022), and natural beauties. Among the latter, a special place belongs to the Kisilyakh Range of shale mountains, often referred to as 'Northern Shambala' or 'Yakutian Stonehenge,' as well as the Batagaisk thermokarst basin. In addition, the cluster will include the Adycha Palaeontological Museum and the Ulakhan-Sular section, known for its palaeontological burials. The planned routes also involve tourists visiting the local history museum named 'Pole of Cold' and the Ethnocomplex, located in Verkhoyansk. The authors of the project expect that the cluster will be able to attract about 9,500 tourists a year.

The promotion of tourism is a significant aspect of the sustainable development of the Polar region. The launch of new tourist routes and programmes allows not only to diversify the local economy but also to create additional employment. It is worth remembering the intangible side of the issue: attracting tourists to high latitudes catalyses the formation of new horizontal human bonds between Russians from different regions, contributing to the spiritual flow of different communities and cultures.


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