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A new scrap metal recycling site opened in the Norilsk Industrial District

Nornickel opened a new scrap metal recycling site.

3 November 2022

The shop will become a destination point for delivery of all scrap metal to be collected in the course of dismantling buildings, cleaning of territories and other activities in the course of implementation of the Clean Norilsk project. The recycled scrap metal will then be transported to the 'mainland' for disposal. Aleksandr Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, reports this, citing the official account of Nornickel on Telegram.

According to Nornickel, the shop is equipped with the most modern equipment designed for scrap metal processing. One of the newly installed units is an eighteen-metre-long shear press, capable of shredding up to 20 tons of bulky scrap metal per hour. For thinner metal, the specialists have hydraulic shears at their disposal. The new facility employs over a hundred people.

This scrap metal recycling site is an important element in the Clean Norilsk project. After all, cleaning the region from industrial waste also presupposes dismantling of the abandoned buildings and facilities; according to the environmentalists, only in 2021, 108 such facilities were demolished in Taimyr, and about 1 mn m² of the territory was cleaned. The rubbish that is generated needs to be processed, minimising the cost of its delivery to the 'mainland'—and the site mentioned above will help the project with this.


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