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A new resident of the Arctic zone will collect feathers and fluff on an island in the White sea

On the island of Lesnaya Osinka in the Onega district will create an ornithological station.

24 December 2020

The company "Onega coast", which became the fourth resident of the Arctic zone in the Arkhangelsk region, will collect feathers and down on an island in the White sea, reported the press service of the Governor and the government of the region.

"The fourth resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the Arkhangelsk region was LLC Onezhsky Bereg. Today, the company received confirmation of assignment to this status. <...> OOO Onezhskiy Bereg with the support of the state in the form of preferences provided for residents of the Russian Arctic, will collect feather and down of birds, processing of raw materials and its implementation on the Russian and foreign markets", - stated in the message, quoted by the Agency TASS.


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