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A new AZRF resident will launch tours of Chukotka's Anadyrsky district routes in 2022

A total of 24.5 million rubles will be invested in the project, aimed at improving the tourist attractiveness of the region.

13 May 2022

Individual entrepreneur Igor Mrinsky received the status of a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) to organise active tourism in the Anadyrsky district of Chukotka. The entrepreneur has plans to present new routes for sport hunting and fishing in the extreme hiking conditions of the Far North in the third quarter of 2022. In the future, ethnographic and ecological tours are to be developed.

Under an agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC), 24.5 million rubles will be invested in a project aimed at improving the region's tourist attractiveness.

'First, we will start offering tourists several routes in the Anadyr district, featuring sport hunting and fishing. Services will be provided in accordance with the principles of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife populations. We plan to start as soon as the wheeled snow and swamp-going vehicles 'Shaman' will be assembled and delivered to Chukotka. We expect it to happen in the third quarter of 2022, during the summer navigation,' said Igor Mrinsky.

The entrepreneur plans to rent 381.3 hectares to conduct fishing and hunting tours, environmental monitoring and regular feeding activities for the reproduction and growth of wild animals. Seven tours for 22 people each will be held every year. The season of extreme travel in Chukotka lasts from March to September.

Along with the organisation of active tourism, resident will provide services for passenger and freight transportation from Anadyr to Anadyrsky district, urban-type settlements Ugolnye Kopi and Egvekinot. Flights will run from December to May. It is expected to carry up to 700 people and perform up to 150 cargo flights a year.

After testing the main routes, Igor Mrinsky's team will begin to develop new types of tourist services. Clients will be offered mountain tours, river rafting on boats and catamarans, as well as ethnographic and ecological routes to the most beautiful and highest summits of Chukotka — Glacier, Snezhnaya, Venets and Tumannaya mountains, framing the crater lake Elgygytgyn.

It should be noted that the process of obtaining AZRF resident status has been greatly simplified, one can apply for it on the Arctic Russia website.


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