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41 houses have already been built in the Murmansk Region under the Your House in the Arctic programme

The geography of the programme is wide-ranging and affects most municipalities in the Murmansk Region.

6 March 2023

The unique regional programme 'Your House in the Arctic' is part of the strategic plan 'To Live in the North.' The programme was launched on 5 July 2022. It aims to provide measures of state support to improve the housing conditions of the inhabitants of the region and to stimulate housing construction in the Murmansk Region. This is what the press service of the Murmansk regional government tells us.

Certain categories of citizens in the Murmansk Region, as well as those working in the social sphere and in key sectors of the economy, can receive between RUB 1 mn and RUB 1.5 mn to build a house or buy a house or house kit. 

In 2022, certificates worth a total of RUB 200.45 mn were issued. A total of 288 applications have been accepted since the launch of the programme, with 57 of those in 2023. In total, 218 certificates were issued for a total amount of RUB 258.450 mn. The budget of the Murmansk Region includes RUB 200 mn for the implementation of the programme in 2023 and 2024 each year.

The programme is most popular with families with many children; they have already received 70 certificates. Most often, citizens prefer the construction of a detached house—148, or the purchase of a house kit—65.


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