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30,000 People in Pomorye Resting in Summer Camps

There are 363 day camps, 12 stationary camps and 16 tent camps operating within the Arkhangelsk Region.

8 August 2023

During the first two summer shifts, over 30 thousand children from the Arkhangelsk Region have enjoyed their stay in children's camps. Young people from the North have beneficially spent their time at recreational and wellness organisations in Pomorye and other Russian regions. This was reported by the DvinoVazhye portal.

The number of children covered by the annual summer health campaign is increasing every year. Benefit programs in the Arkhangelsk Region contribute to making summer vacations more affordable for children. The regional budget annualy allocates funds for certificates that partially cover travel expenses. For instance, this year, 8,835 certificates were issued.

The region is also involved in the federal Children of the Arctic program, which provides children with the holidays in the Black Sea coast free of charge. This summer, due to such governmental support, 1,327 children from the Arkhangelsk Region have already visited the camp, and another 500 will be heading to the seaside soon.

‘This season, 2,000 more children have visited camps compared to the same period in 2022. Over 28,000 children chose vacation within the region, while another 3,000 enjoyed their time outside the region,’ wrote Alexander Tsybulsky, the governor of the Arkhangelsk Region, in his Telegram channel.


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