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Vladimir Putin extended an invitation to countries interested in contributing to the development of the North Sea Route

The Russian leader stated that the establishment of international and regional trade logistics routes is a clear reflection of the deep-seated changes occurring in the global economy, and the emerging role of Asia-Pacific countries, the global south and other growth and development hubs.

18 October 2023

President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is inviting countries interested in co-developing the North Sea Route, assuring reliable ice navigation, communication, and supply. This is reported by Interfax.

Speaking at the 3rd International Forum 'One Belt, One Road' in Beijing on Wednesday, Putin stated that Russia not only encourages active use of the North Sea Route's transit potential but also invites interested nations to directly contribute to its development, promising reliable ice navigation, communication and supply.

He highlighted that starting from next year, year-round navigation for ice-class cargo vessels will be possible along the entire North Sea Route.

Putin noted that considering this, Russia, which will preside over the expanded BRICS next year, has proposed the establishment of a standing commission on transport logistics within this association. This commission, involving BRICS members, partner countries of our association and other interested states, could address the development of international transport corridors in their entirety.


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