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Two more companies in Murmansk Region have been granted resident status in the Russian Arctic Zone

The total investment in the two projects is around RUB 500 mn.

26 July 2021

A block of guesthouses made of eco-friendly materials in the town of Apatity will be built by a new resident of the Russian Arctic Zone (AZRF), individual entrepreneur Alexey Popov. According to the official website of the government of the Murmansk Region, the successful completion of the project will solve the problem of the shortage of modern accommodation for sports tourists, as the block will be built close to a cross-country skiing track.

The investment project of another new resident, DSI Techno LLC, involves setting up a facility for mixing, packing and packaging synthetic resins and two-component polyester composites used in the mining industry, particularly but not exclusively that for coal.

'The total investment in the two projects is around RUB 500 mn. In total, under the agreements, the residents of the Arctic Zone will invest more than RUB 182.5 bn in Murmansk Region', said Olga Kuznetsova, Murmansk Region's Deputy Governor.

In total, there are 59 registered AZRF residents in Murmansk Region. Any entrepreneur who intends to carry out a project in the Arctic Zone worth at least RUB 1 mn can obtain resident status.


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