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Trials of Russian Arkhant-N snowmobiles have commenced in the Polar Region under winter conditions

Two research groups embarked on a journey from Kandalaksha to Kirovsk.

14 November 2023

The testing of Russian Arkhant-N snowmobiles began in the Polar Region as part of the winter phase of the Clean Arctic—Vostok 77 expedition. Two expedition teams are set to traverse the frozen swamps of the Murmansk Region from Kandalaksha to Kirovsk, testing the vehicles for Arctic suitability and conducting scientific research, as reported by Dmitry Belov, deputy head of the expedition, to TASS.

He clarified that scientists will be testing the Arkhant-N for its suitability for winter use in Arctic conditions. Plans are underway to use snowmobiles for search and rescue operations and providing medical aid to residents of remote settlements in the future. The Arkhant-N snowmobiles have already undergone autumn tests on the lakes of Karelia, and following their Polar region trials, they will be tested under extreme temperatures in Yamal.

The expedition's scientists plan to collect peat soil samples and conduct climate research related to the assessment of carbon emissions from peat bogs.


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