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Tourist Guide to Murmansk Region to be Presented in Moscow

The book titled 'Murmansk Region. Modern Guide' will be presented at the Biblio-Globus trading house

1 August 2022

In his address to the readers, Andrey Chibis, Governor of the Murmansk Region, noted: 'We always welcome guests with unusual, exotic and exclusive requests. Летом наш регион поразит незаходящим солнцем, а зимой можно погрузиться в магию полярной ночи, когда солнце не поднимается над линией горизонта. We have everything for an enjoyable holiday, from hunting and fishing, alpine skiing and mountain climbing, kiting and diving, reindeer and dog sledding, rafting, sights and pilgrimage destinations, to watching whales from a pleasure boat in Teriberka, meeting the real Father Frost in Lapland, revelling in stunning Aurora Borealis, and even going on a trip to the North Pole on a nuclear icebreaker.' The news was reported by the regional government's media office.

The Murmansk Region guidebook is the 22nd issue in the line of tourist guidebooks to Russian regions by PressPass. Earlier, the publishing house released full guides to all regions of the Russian Far East, to the Russian Arctic Zone, and to select Central Russian regions.

'A land of pristine nature, vast tundras, crystal-clear lakes and turbulent rivers, majestic mountains and unique nature reserves... All this is the Murmansk Region! This list could go on and on. All types of tourism are harmoniously intertwined in the Kola Peninsula, which is why the guest flow here increases by over a third annually. This is only the hard tourism statistics, and it doesn't even include countless people who come to the Murmansk Region on their own!', the guide authors state.

The participants of the presentation will speak about the development of tourism in the Murmansk Region and the opportunities opening up for guests to the region. The event will end with a quiz where prizes will be awarded.


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