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This summer, 127,000 tourists visited the Murmansk Region

This summer, 127,000 tourists visited the Murmansk Region.

12 September 2022

«Between June and August, around 127,000 tourists have holidayed in our region, an increase of 35% over the same period in 2019. According to analysts, more than 343,000 guests have vacationed in our region from the beginning of the year to July. The length of stay of travellers in the region also increases. While in 2019, visitors stayed with us for 2–3 days, this year they have already stayed for 3–5 days», - noted Andrey Chibis, head of the Murmansk Region. The press service of the regional government states so.

This trend, according to the governor, demonstrates, among other things, the coordinated work between the federal and regional governments to create new destinations and support projects for visitors to the region.

This year, for example, five businesses received RUB 4 mn for the 'Ecotourism' line of business, and ten winners received RUB 50 mn for the 'Roadside Service' line of business. Federal funds in the amount of RUB 146 mn for the development of tourism infrastructure and over RUB 100 mn for the construction of modular hotels have also been received.

The head of the region recalled the second phase of the Governor's Startup and the Arctic Hectare programme. With these opportunities, entrepreneurs will be able to create new tourist hotspots.


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