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The share of guest workers in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (YNAA) reaches 35%

The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area attracts workers from other regions and countries because of its higher wages and northern exoticism.

2 May 2023

The YNAA leads in terms of shift workers' involvement in the economy. The number of newcomers is almost 35% of all those working in the region. Such figures for 2022, citing data from Rosstat, were quoted by the FinExpertiza audit and consulting network, Izvestia reported.

Last year, the share of guest experts in the fuel and energy sector of the YNAA accounted for 34.9% of all those officially employed in the Area. In second place in the Far North is the Nenets Autonomous Area with 20.8% of guest workers. In the oil-producing Khanty-Mansi Area, one in every five workers is a rotational worker, which is also a high indicator. 

A total of 2.6 mn Russian citizens travelled to other regions in search of work in 2022, 210,000 fewer than the previous year, according to statistics. Educated and highly qualified men under the age of 45 make up a significant proportion of job seekers in the Northern region.


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