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The first 'Hectare in the Arctic' was handed over for free to a resident of the Murmansk Region

The Ministry of Property Relations of the Murmansk Region has made the first decision to transfer a land plot to a participant in the Hectare in the Arctic programme for free.

13 January 2023

A resident of Murmansk Region received a loan to build a house on his hectare and applied to the Ministry with a request for an early granting of a land plot for free ownership. The 8,125 sq m plot is located in the Kola municipal district. The news was reported by the regional government's media office.

'The first decision on granting a land plot for free in the framework of the implementation of Federal Law No. 119-FZ was made by the Ministry after only a year and a half since the programme started, and it is the first not only in the Murmansk Region but also in all subjects of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation,' noted Viktoria Minkina, Minister of Property Relations of the Murmansk Region.

The programme of granting hectares in the Arctic is one of the social initiatives of the Russian government aimed at improving the quality of life of residents of the AZRF.

Since the first days of the programme's launch, the Murmansk Region has been the undisputed leader among all the regions of the Arctic zone, both in terms of the number of areas open for granting (over 701,000 hectares) and the number of applications submitted by citizens (over 5,000 applications).


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