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The Cabinet of Ministers to allocate almost RUB 4 bn to the digital ecosystem of the North Sea Route

Between 2023 and 2024, the government will allocate almost RUB 4 bn to create a digital ecosystem for the North Sea Route (NSR).

16 January 2023

'The government has taken additional decisions to ensure year-round navigation in the Arctic. The Rules for granting a subsidy for the North Sea Route digital ecosystem establishment have been approved. For this purpose, the federal budget for the current and next year provides for almost RUB 4 bn,' Mishustin said at an operational meeting with his deputies. The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers specified that it was RUB 3.8 bn, Vedomosti reported.

It is about creating an 'ice navigator' that will allow a safe route to be plotted with high precision 'in the constantly changing conditions of the Arctic Ocean.' The creation of a digital ecosystem includes the installation of on-board automated information and measurement systems on ships, aircraft and helicopters.

This will improve the accuracy of meteorological and navigational assessments, the government said. The information on weather conditions, vessel and icebreaker locations, etc. will then enter the NSR's Integrated Digital Services Platform, where it can be used by cargo carriers, shipmasters and others.

'It will be possible to collect more complete information on weather conditions and monitor the situation in real time, increasing the safety of shipping on the North Sea Route, which is very important for the timely delivery of goods, including within the framework of the northern import and export,' Mishustin said.

The digital ecosystem is expected to be completed by mid-2025, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.


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