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The Arctic Schools project has renewed 100 spaces in schools and kindergartens in the Murmansk Region

In the Murmansk Region, the main modernisation of spaces under this project has been completed: 13 sports spaces, 11 canteens, 19 public spaces, 18 classrooms and four greenhouses have been transformed in schools.

13 September 2022

Governor Andrey Chibis noted that 2022 was the first year that initiatives to create and renovate greenhouses—a practice that had previously been common in Murmansk's general education institutions—received funding. In addition, kindergartens have been included in the Arctic Schools programme for the first time since 2022: 35 institutions have been renovated. The press service of the regional governmentstates so.

In 2022, we renovated 100 spaces at a total cost of over RUB 263 mn. The Arctic Schools project provides a good opportunity for educational institutions to receive updates on top of the other programmes that we fund. During the two years of the project, 98 schools in the Murmansk Region took part. This represents 61% of the total number of institutions in the region,' stressed Governor Andrey Chibis.

The head of the region also drew attention to the fact that some schools had already received their second modern space as part of a regional programme.

As a reminder, the creation of new modern spaces in the region's schools and kindergartens is part of the strategic development plan for the Murmansk Region, 'In the North—Live!


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