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Russian Developers Designed Keyboard Layouts for Indigenous Minority Languages of the North

This helps to preserve minority languages.

16 February 2024

The Russian company Paratype, a font developer, has created publicly accessible fonts and computer keyboard layouts based on extended Cyrillic for over 80 languages and dialects, including those of indigenous peoples and national minorities of the Russian Federation. For instance, with this development, one can now use keyboard layouts in Dolgan, Itelmen, Saami, Kildin, Koryak, Mansi, Nanai, Nganasan, Negidal, Nenets, Nivkh, Selkup, Tofalar, Ulch, Khanty, Shor, Even, Evenki, Enets, Eskimo, and Yukagir languages. The Project Office for Arctic Development (POAD) writes about it.

This Russian innovation helps to digitalize indigenous languages, print books in rare languages, and promote their learning and preservation, according to the news portal about the life of indigenous peoples KMNSoyuz-News.

The Cyrillic-based language knowledge base created by Paratype contains not only the basic alphabets but also other important signs for each language, such as historical and dialectal forms. These will be useful in textbooks, reference and history books. The base itself can also be useful to designers when developing and localizing fonts.


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