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Rosseti Tyumen has developed equipment to remove frost from power lines in the Arctic

The use of vibration excitation devices will minimise the risks of abnormal situations on transmission lines when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

16 January 2023

Rosseti Tyumen began testing equipment for automated frost removal from power lines in Arctic conditions—oscillation exciting devices. More than RUB 30 mn will be allocated to the project. This was reported to TASS by the company.

Due to severe waterlogging and swampy soils at the locations of Rosseti Tyumen power facilities, when frost sets in, moisture freezes and frost forms on power lines. Such deposits have a fragile structure and are prone to sudden crumbling from the wires. Dripping frost can cause a short circuit, damage wires or cables and disconnect the power lines.

The new equipment should allow for the automatic resetting of frost deposits when threshold loads are reached and prevent the wires from 'dancing.' As a result of the trial operation, which runs until November 2023, experts will evaluate the performance of the devices in real-life conditions and gather information for further equipment improvements.

Rosseti Tyumen is a subsidiary of Rosseti. The service area covers about 1.5 mn sq km and includes the Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area—Ugra and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area.


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