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Roscosmos to Deploy 9 Satellites by 2026 to Advance Arctic Development

They will undertake radar monitoring in addition to providing information on hydrometeorological conditions at high latitudes and broadband internet connectivity.

21 October 2022

Nine spacecraft will be launched by Roscosmos into Arctic orbit by 2026. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Plenipotentiary Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuriy Trutnev stated this.

"The development of an Arctic orbital satellite constellation is one of the most crucial aspects of the North Sea Route development. According to the plan, by 2024, two Arktika-M spacecraft should be launched into orbit that will provide data on the hydrometeorological situation in high latitudes; the project also includes three radar surveillance spacecraft (two Kondor-FKA and one Obzor-R). By 2026, four Ekspress-RV satellites will be deployed to provide broadband Internet connection," Trutnev stated at a meeting on the creation of an Arctic satellite constellation for safe navigation along the North Sea Route.

As stated by Yuriy Borisov, Director General of Roscosmos, the state corporation primarily relied on requests from North Sea Route users while selecting satellites for the orbital constellation.

The North Sea Route, which runs over 5,600 km from the Kara Gate to Provideniya Bay, is the quickest maritime route connecting the European Part of Russia with the Far East.


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