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ROSATOM to create a Unified Digital Services Platform for the North Sea Route

ROSATOM's North Sea Route (NSR) Directorate states that the platform will serve up to 1,500 users

15 December 2021

ROSATOM's has completed the conceptual design phase for a Unified Digital Services Platform for the Northern Sea Route (UDSP NSR) and initiated its development. This was reported to TASS on Wednesday by ROSATOM's North Sea Route Directorate. According to the Directorate, the platform will be fully operational by Q2 2025.

'The conceptual design laid the foundation for the terms of reference for UDSP NSR development. Now the work on the first stage design of the platform has begun. The entire project should be completed by Q2 2025,' stated Maxim Kulinko, Deputy Director of the NSR Directorate of ROSATOM.

Conceptual design presupposes the integration of various digital products and databases created to ensure the safety of navigation and fleet dispatching along the NSR. The NSR Directorate stated that the platform will support up to 1,500 unique users. The platform will offer 27 digital services in 9 following blocks: (1) navigation safety; (2) ship movement management; (3) navigational and hydrographic support; (4) weather support and ice cover status; (5) analytics on NSR safety, operational efficiency, and development; (6) NSR infrastructural management; (7) freight information support; (8) registry of services along the NSR; (9) environmental monitoring of the NSR water area. There are plans to implement a single-window system for the convenience of users.

The UDSP NSR is being developed under the Unified Action Plan to Implement the Foundations of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic in the Period to 2035 and the Strategy for Developing the Russian Arctic Zone and Ensuring National Security until 2035.


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