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Reindeer farms in the Krasnoyarsk Region may be eligible for state grants

Depending on the size of the herd, farms can apply for assistance ranging from RUB 500 thousand to RUB 8 mn.

20 November 2023

Reindeer farms—including agricultural cooperatives, peasant farms, family (clan) communities and individual entrepreneurs whose primary activity is breeding domestic reindeer—will be eligible for state grants. The news on the project was reported by the media office of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government.

The grant amount varies from RUB 500 thousand to RUB 8 mn, depending on the population of domestic reindeer. These funds can be allocated towards enhancing the material and technical base, such as purchasing drones for herd tracking, yuft leather for harnesses, netting for corrals, tarpaulins, mixed feed and mineral supplements for reindeer, among other things.

'Reindeer farming is a crucial sector of the traditional economy for the northern peoples of the Krasnoyarsk Region. The state programme 'Preservation and Development of Traditional Lifestyles and Economic Activities of Indigenous Peoples' has allocated over RUB 800 mn for reindeer farming development over a three-year period. This year, we have adjusted subsidies for maintaining reindeer populations and introduced a new category in the grant competition,' commented Anton Narchuganov, Head of the Agency for the Development of Northern Territories and Support of Indigenous Minorities of the Krasnoyarsk Region.


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