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Reginveststandard 2.0: Murmansk Region to Approve Investment Declaration

The new Regional Investment Standard from the Ministry of Economic Development aims to streamline the process of business scaling.

15 August 2023

In line with the new Regional Investment Standard, an investment declaration has been implemented in the Murmansk Region. The document can be found on the Investment Portal of the Murmansk Region, in the Investment Climate section via the link. This is what the press service of the Murmansk regional government tells us.

The Investment Declaration provides comprehensive information about the investment opportunities, key sectors and potential projects in the Murmansk Region. The Declaration also includes data on the region's commitments to investors, the investment team and the cooperation between the region's executive bodies and entrepreneurs to foster a positive investment climate and facilitate project execution.

‘This year, the Murmansk Region (along with 41 Russian regions) is transitioning to the new Regional Investment Standard set by the Ministry of Economic Development. The standard is expected to simplify business scaling by establishing a unified customer journey. The Investment Declaration of the Murmansk Region, adopted for a term of 5 years, ensures the preservation and enhancement of conditions for executing investment projects, as well as the protection of rights, interests, and entities involved in entrepreneurial and investment activities,’ stated Deputy Governor Olga Kuznetsova.


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