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Putin approved the incorporation of Ugra's western districts into the Arctic zone

The authorities report that these districts are characterised by a sparse population and high potential for exploiting hydrocarbons and solid minerals such as manganese, chrome and copper ores, as well as zinc, lead and quartz.

4 September 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the integration of the Berezovsky and Beloyarsky districts of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area into the Arctic zone; this decision will give a new impetus to the development of these territories and attract more investors, according to Natalia Komarova, Head of Ugra. This is reported by RIA-Novosti.

'This is a pivotal decision—it brings new opportunities and responsibilities for us, for development, for investment. For instance, the polar quartz extraction project, which undergoes extensive processing in Nyagan. The first contracts for selling these products beyond the Russian Federation have been signed this year,' the Department of Internal Policy of Ugra quoted Komarova as saying.

The Governor pointed out that Berezovo has served as a significant military-administrative and trading hub in the northern and lower Priobye region for three centuries, and it was also the site where the first gas field in Western Siberia was discovered 70 years ago.

The Arctic Development Strategy includes the advancement of knowledge-intensive and high-tech industries, exploration of new mineral deposits, enhancement of high-tech medical services and modernisation of social infrastructure.


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