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One hundred thousand tons of MSW sent for sorting in Murmansk Ecotechnopark

Over the first nine months of 2022, the Murmansk Ecotechnopark has seen an increase in the amount of municipal solid waste delivered for sorting.

4 November 2022

In July, the total volume of MSW amounted to 13.5 thousand tons, in August, 14.9 thousand tons were delivered for sorting, and in September, the volume rose to 15.3 thousand tons. During nine months, more than 100 thousand tons of MSW were sent for sorting. The Murmansk regional government's press service reported.

Thus, on the production sites of the waste sorting complex in Mezhdurechye about 10 types of recyclables are recovered from the total mass of the incoming MSW. The production technology used in the Mezhdurechye sorting complex makes it possible to recover 4 types of PET bottles, HDPE and LDPE bottles and canisters, as well as several types of high and low-pressure film from the waste.

Plastic bottles traditionally predominate in the structure of the secondary material resources that arrive at Ecotechnopark. They are in the highest demand among the recycling companies.

The regional operator has sold 273 tons of PET bottles in nine months.

Aluminium cans, ferrous metal scrap and cardboard are also among the recyclable materials which are in high demand. After sorting the useful fractions are sent to specialised plants in other Russian regions.


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