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Nuclear-powered icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean harvests first crop of cucumbers

The first harvest was recently taken off the Yamal icebreaker.

12 April 2023

March cucumbers have ripened in the Arctic Ocean. Greenhouse gardening not only brightens up seafarers' leisure time but also brings the benefits of vitamins for the common table during the Yamal's long winter voyages along the North Sea Route. This is reported by Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

For the crews of nuclear-powered vessels, raising vegetables is nothing new. According to Dmitry Lobusov, captain of the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy, the first greenhouse appeared on the Arktika icebreaker during Soviet times. It was developed in a Belarusian research institute, and a representative of the institute came to Murmansk specifically. During the voyage, the plants were looked after by Eduard Tashev, the nuclear submarine's chief mechanical engineer.

'Of course, there wasn't enough harvest for 150 crew members,' recalls Aleksandr Barinov, the captain of the Arktika. 'But on holidays, we had our own herbs on the table. We would sometimes just come to the greenhouse to please the eye.


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