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Nornickel continues to develop an Arctic permafrost monitoring system

Research results show that permafrost depth has decreased over the last 65 years.

23 May 2023

Nornickel continues to implement a project to establish a network of boreholes to monitor permafrost soils in the Norilsk district. This was reported by Neftegaz, citing the company's press service.

The system allows to assess the impact of permafrost melting processes in the area from Tuchard to Svetlogorsk and to manage the risks of emergency situations.

At present, the company's specialists have drilled five boreholes (each 200 m deep), located in Norilsk, Talnakh, Oganer, Kayerkan and Dudinka. The boreholes provide data on temperature changes and thawing of permafrost soils.

The data from the boreholes is fed into the information and diagnostic system of the Buildings and Structures Monitoring Centre of Nornickel's Polar Division.

The results showed that there was a 0.3°C increase in ground temperature over 65 years at a depth of 80 m, and permafrost was recorded at a depth of 147.7 m (previously 150 m).

There was also significant thawing of permafrost soils at the zero annual amplitude depth (10 m): the temperature has increased by 4.2°C since the beginning of monitoring.

The creation of a 3D model of the area's geological structure will allow a more accurate assessment of the state of soils in the Norilsk industrial district and the necessary measures to be taken to ensure the safe operation of buildings and structures on permafrost soils.


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