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Nornickel aids in forecasting the behaviour of permafrost in the Arctic

The company is engaged in monitoring permafrost soils and conducting scientific studies.

6 October 2023

At the Yenisei.RF media forum in Krasnoyarsk, Anton Pryamitsky, Deputy Chief Engineer of Nornickel's Polar Division, who oversees the company's global project for implementing a monitoring system for industrial buildings and structures at the division's facilities, discussed the company's work in this field in its operating regions. This is reported by the Taimyr Telegraph.

'The company is monitoring permafrost soils and conducting extensive scientific research, which will enable future predictions on how permafrost will degrade or freeze due to climate change,' noted the speaker.

Nornickel has several ongoing projects related to thermal stabilisation, involving active collaboration with companies installing thermal stabilisers and other cooling systems. Nornickel's experts are diligently tracking the quality of permafrost restoration.

In their involvement with the renovation of Norilsk and construction of new residential buildings and social facilities, specialists from Nornickel's Building and Structures Monitoring Centre provide all archival information gathered since the 1940s.

'Our archives contain a wealth of useful information, such as temperature regimes that have been monitored for decades. This knowledge can be used to construct predictive models,' Pryamitsky points out.


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