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Nine Mi-38 helicopters to be delivered to Arctic rescue centres

Over the next few years, 14 helicopters, nine of which are designed specifically to operate in high latitudes, will join the EMERCOM's aviation force.

13 September 2022

We are talking about Mi-38s—state-of-the-art vehicles designed for the Arctic. The new Mi-38s will be handed over to the existing and newly formed Arctic Integrated Emergency Rescue Centres (AIERC), which will take on the function of ensuring the safety of life and economic activities in the AZRF, as well as navigation on the North Sea Route. More than 100 pilots will be trained for the Polar flights. Alexander Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, writes about this.

The purchase of Arctic helicopters is essential in the context of Polar development. The Mi-38s have enhanced flight characteristics that allow them to perform missions in the extreme climatic conditions of the Far North. The main advantage of these helicopters is their high range of up to 750 km. This is the kind of vehicle needed in the Arctic, with its vast distances and focal nature of infrastructure development. The arrival of the Mi-38 to the AIERC will increase the radius within which the centres will be able to carry out search and rescue operations, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the entire system of civil defence and emergency situations in the polar region. 


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