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New Resident of ASEZ 'Stolitsa Arktiki' to Build a Coal Transshipment Complex on the West Coast of the Kola Bay

The universal port of Lavna in the Murmansk Region and the railroad approaches to it will be built according to the estimated deadlines and numbers.

10 March 2022

The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC) and the Lavna Commercial Seaport company have signed an agreement on investment activities in the an Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)  'Stolitsa Arktiki'. Port facilities and railway infrastructure will be built on the western shore of the Kola Bay using state support measures. The project is among the priority areas of the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization and Expansion of the Main Infrastructure until 2024.

"The key Murmansk Transport Hub project involves the collection of additional taxes, which we will allocate to the most important social spheres and use to create more than 500 jobs for the northerners," says the Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis.

The initial stage of the project involves the construction of a coal transshipment complex, a 2.3 km long non-public railway line from Lavna station, a 680 m waterfront, as well as the dredging of approaches to the coal transshipment complex. The coal terminal's capacity will amount to 18 million tonnes of coal per year.

The volume of private investments in a significant for the Murmansk region project will exceed 60 billion rubles. The funds will go to design and survey work, new construction, reconstruction, purchase of machinery, equipment and tools.

According to experts, Lavna has better characteristics in terms of operational efficiency and transport accessibility compared to other ports of the Arctic, Baltic and Azov-Black Sea basins.

As construction proceeds, the investor will start hiring specialists with the necessary experience and qualifications to manage equipment. Lavna sea trade port is designed to create 545 jobs, which will be provided primarily to residents of the Murmansk region and the village of Mezhdurechye. 

A set of state support measures for special economic zone - ASEZ 'Stolitsa Arktiki' - residents makes the Murmansk region attractive to investors. Allows to attract a business that is interested in creating flagship projects such as Lavna port. These will lead to new enterprises creation, employment opportunities for northerners and improving the quality of life in the Arctic regions


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