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New AZRF resident to build first tourist base with boathouses in Norilsk and take tourists to the Putorana Plateau

Norilsk Voyage LLC, with the assistance of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA), has become a new resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation.

11 May 2023

Under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC), as part of an investment project, the company will build a recreation base next to the water jetty on the Norilsk River and the Valek landing site. The new tourist site will be located on the bank of a stream that flows into the Norilsk River. This was reported by NIA-Zapolyarye.

'The campground will be the starting point for travellers to the Putorana Plateau. Its special feature is two boathouses. The ground floors of the boathouses will be used for the accommodation of small vessels, and the first floors will be converted into hotel rooms for short-term accommodation of transit tourists to be transported by the company's small vessels along the inland waterways of the Yenisei-Pyasinskoe watershed, including those on the Putorana Plateau,' says Vitaly Sayko, General Director of Norilsk Voyage.

According to him, it is planned to transport up to 3,800 passengers annually, and the tourist base will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 tourists a year.

The AZRF regime allows businesses to benefit from tax incentives and administrative preferences. For example, thanks to its status as a resident of the AZRF, Norilsk Voyage plans to lease a land plot of over 9,500 sq m without a tender. The new resident intends to start building the camping site in 2024 and complete the work in 2026. The company's total investment will amount to about RUB 40 mn. As a result, 10 new jobs are expected to be created under this project.


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