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Nearly 74,000 tons of goods have been transported to Chukotka as part of the northern supply

Almost 540 units of equipment were also shipped to the region.

1 November 2023

Around 74,000 tons of general cargo, goods for the district's needs, were brought to Chukotka as part of the northern supply. The last bulk carrier of the season, Kapitan Starostin, is currently expected at the port of Anadyr, according to the local Department of Industrial Policy.

The bulk carrier Kapitan Starostin will bring the year's final supply to the district capital, including about 140 containers filled with food, building materials and consumer goods.

Chukotka Autonomous Area lacks railroads, so all goods and fuel are transported to the region by sea during the summer navigation period or by air. Logistical issues in 2021 led to difficulties in navigation in Chukotka, resulting in supply disruptions at some district retail outlets. These difficulties were resolved in 2022. 


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