Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Murmansk Region's Investment Portal Launches a Calculator of Arctic Benefits

Potential residents of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) will be able to calculate their savings over 10 years when implementing investment projects in the region.

23 May 2022

The investment portal of the Murmansk region has launched a new service: an Arctic benefits calculator. It allows investors to quickly calculate the amount of savings over 10 years when implementing investment projects in the region in the status of AZRF residents. According to the region's official web portal, this was announced by Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis on Monday during a briefing session.

"The greater the number of jobs created in the region, the higher the annual revenue and the more tangible the benefits," said the head of the region.

The minimum required investment volume for receiving an AZRF resident status is RUB 1 mn. It is easier for residents to obtain land plots and get all the necessary permits.

In addition to the Arctic benefits calculator, the investment portal also offers entrepreneurs help in selecting support measures for their businesses. They can request assistance with the selection of available support measures and land plots for their projects via the portal's hotline.


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