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Moscow students going to explore the Arctic

On 28 March, 39 Moscow schoolchildren went on a training ski hike in Karelia. Seven of them prepare to take part in the Great Arctic expedition to Cape Chelyuskin, the northernmost point of the Russian continent.

29 March 2022

'It is a first-degree difficulty hike. The instructors will find out who is the leader and who is the doer. Who is ready to be responsible for food and who for equipment,' says Alexey Seleznev, head of the Great Arctic Expedition.

According to the training results, two teams of adventurers aged 16–17 years will be formed in Karelia. The first team — the sporty one — will take part in a seven-day ski hike led by Matvey Shparo, a famous polar explorer, the head of the Travel Laboratory. Within a week, students together with instructors will pass along the northern coast of the Taimyr Peninsula from Bolshoy Island to the Yevgeny Fedorov United Hydrometeorological Station on Cape Chelyuskin.


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