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Mikhail Mishustin Calls the North Sea Route Development a Significant Task for Russia

Navigation on the North Sea Route will be carried out by Rosatom.

2 June 2022

The development of the North Sea Route (NSR) under sanctions becomes one of the key objectives of our country. ‘Under sanctions pressure, the task of developing the North Sea Route becomes one of the key government priorities. This is a reliable, safe transport corridor that runs within the territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone of Russia,’ said Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. His words are quoted on The Arctic website.

He recalled that this route could be used as an alternative for delivering products to friendly countries. Mr Mishustin added that the navigation on the North Sea Route will be carried out by Rosatom.

‘The president instructed the government to amend legislation to centralise authority for the management of the North Sea Route. The state corporation Rosatom, which supervises the unique domestic icebreaking fleet, will be responsible for the organisation of vessel traffic in the waters of the North Sea Route,’ he said.

In addition, ambitious tasks that will require maximum loading of Russian shipyards for years to come, including building up the Arctic fleet and serial production of powerful nuclear-powered icebreakers needed for year-round navigation on the North Sea Route, are to be implemented.

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Pavel Lvov.


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