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Lighthouse with halibut kulebyaka and cloudberry pies serving to be opened for tourists in the Arctic Teriberka

The service and excursion centre for travellers on the territory of the Kola Peninsula will be created at the end of 2025.

8 April 2022

The Pomorsky Dvor company, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), plans to create a tourist service centre called Lighthouse on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. An investment project worth more than RUB 6 mn will be implemented in the famous Pomor settlement of Teriberka under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC).

The service centre will be located on a 2.6-hectare area in Teriberka near the road that leads to the Batareisky waterfall, which flows into the Barents Sea straight from the lake. The majority of the funds will be invested in the construction of the 150-sq. m sales office building, with its interior resembling that of a fishing village. The company's plans also include a hire shop and café for 15 people serving baked bread and various dough dishes with fillings of fish, venison and berries. Warm restrooms accessible to people with disabilities will also be built. A playground in the form of a Pomor fisherman's rook will be raised on the landscaped area. The hallmark of the project will be a lighthouse housing a two-storey souvenir shop. There, guests will be able to buy Arctic Circle souvenirs made by bone carvers or out of reindeer skins and jam made of northern berries. The launch of the project is scheduled for December 2025.


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