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First hybrid power plant installed on Yamal

In the Laborovaya village in the Priuralsky district of YNAA, the installation of a hybrid power plant powered by diesel, solar and wind energy has been completed.

2 December 2022

Two diesel units will operate in parallel with the 120-kilowatt wind turbine. Electricity production should become one-third cheaper. The connection of the power supply system in the Laborovaya village to the hybrid plant will be carried out next year. A test run of the facility is scheduled after the end of the heating season. This is reported by FederalPress.

'A wind turbine with a capacity of about 120 kilowatts has been installed there. In summer, it has enough energy to supply the whole village with electricity,' said Alexander Mazharov, Deputy Governor.

FederalPress earlier reported that the Russian government will allocate RUB 838.5 mn to build infrastructure facilities for housing estates in several regions of the country, including Yamal.


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