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Epics of the Northern Peoples to Become Russian Heritage

The project is based on a collection of audio recordings, magnetic tapes and cassettes about the music of the northern peoples, collected by ethnomusicologist Yuri Sheikin.

10 August 2023

It has been suggested to add traditional crafts, musical, dance and epic heritage of the Arctic peoples to the federal register of Russia's intangible ethnocultural heritage. This was reported by the Narody.rf portal.

‘We endorse the creation of the register and are ready to contribute. Meanwhile, we have developed a multicultural online portal about the languages and heritage of the Arctic's indigenous peoples, which gathers information about the peoples of the North and the Arctic,’ stated Anatoly Zhozhikov, UNESCO Chair in Social and Human Adaptation of the Arctic regions to Climate Change and Globalisation at the North-Eastern Federal University.

‘In my opinion, the federal register should encompass information about the abundant musical and dance heritage of the Arctic peoples. Our institute is diligently working towards preserving the cultural heritage of the northern peoples. The register should also feature epic works of indigenous peoples, including the Yakut heroic epic Olonkho,’ shared Sargylana Ignatyeva, Rector of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts.


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