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Construction of the energy infrastructure for the Baim project begins in Chukotka

AZRF resident Chukotatomenergo (a division of Rosatom State Corporation) is developing the construction of a marine terminal designed to provide energy for the Baimskoye ore deposit development project.

4 July 2022

Chukotatomenergo's new marine terminal consists of four modernised floating power units with a total capacity of 318 megawatts. The amount of investment in their creation will be about RUB 150 bn. The first two power units are scheduled to begin operation in Q1 2027, while the third and the fourth are set to launch in Q1 2028 and in the middle of 2031 respectively.

This is not the only infrastructure facility that will be built in the region for starting the production at the Baimskoye deposit. As part of the project, a bypass road to Pevek and new airport terminals in Pevek and Bilibino will be built. Relevant applications have already been submitted to the Russian government.

To remind, according to geologists, the total resource potential of the Baim site is about 23 mn tons of copper and 2 thousand tons of gold. To develop these resources, a mining and processing plant with a capacity of 70 mn tons of ore per year will appear in the region. The project investor, KAZ Minerals, intends to invest RUB 620 bn in its implementation.


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