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Climate expedition to study pollution of rivers in the Arkhangelsk Region

The expedition participants will also take samples from old-growth forests and carry out dendrological research in the Kholmogorsk district of the region

18 August 2021

Participants of the Climate Expedition of the Russian Ecological Society, which set off from Arkhangelsk, will study the pollution of rivers in the Arkhangelsk Region, as well as the old-growth forests of the area. Yulia Filatkina, Executive Director of the Russian Ecological Society and head of the Climate Expedition project, shared this story.

'Our expedition is dedicated to communicating to the citizenry how climate change is happening and how it will affect their lives. We will take water samples in the Northern Dvina and Dvina Bay of the White Sea, as well as samples for microplastics in the Onega and the Northern Dvina. Another one of our teams is sampling old-growth forests and doing dendrological research in the Kholmogorsk district,' said Filatkina.

A total of 15 researchers are participating in the expedition. The expedition participants will assess long-term temperature and precipitation fluctuations in the Arkhangelsk Region, identify the dynamics of development along the White Sea coastline, compare the release of microplastics by the Northern Dvina and Onega rivers into the White Sea, and analyse the changes in the width of annual tree rings in old-growth coniferous forests, untouched by humanity. These studies will form the basis of scientists' forecasts on future climate change in the region. The expedition will last 10 days. 'We plan to process the results within a couple of months and publish a progress report in the autumn,' Filatkina added.

The length of the route will be more than 400 km by water and more than 3,500 km by land.


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