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Chukotka decides to recreate a 17th-century hunters' settlement

In the vicinity of Egvekinot, the most beautiful Chukchi settlement, the foundation stone was laid on 7 August on the site of the new hunters' settlement named 'Nunalihtak. Avenetyn. The Master of the Land.' It is to be the setting for Alexey Vakhrushev's fantasy film, The Legend of the Ermine, which tells the story of Eskimo life in the troubled 17th century. The place will later become an ethno-park.

10 August 2022

The new ethno-park is described by the Project Office for Arctic Development with reference to the Chukotka news agency. The site for the construction was selected at Opasny Cape at the Krest Bay. There are scenic bird colonies nearby. The Master of the Land is planned as a replica of a traditional Eskimo settlement and a complex for tourists.

'There will be hangings with kayaks, whale jaws—everything is as it really was. We will build a large yaranga for gatherings, an area for competitions and festivals, and meat pits. On the adjacent slope, we will make remains of plinths, as if people lived there for several centuries and then moved here,' specified Alexey Vakhrushev.

As of today, the ground has been prepared for the construction of the film sets, pile foundations, prefabricated buildings and the Whale stela have been put in place.' Some of the contract work is carried out by specialists from Vladivostok. The construction is taking place under difficult conditions due to mountainous terrain and off-road conditions.

Completion of the settlement and park is announced for the summer of 2023. Legend of the Ermine will begin filming next autumn.

Anadyr's native Alexey Vakhrushev is referred to in the county as a large-scale filmmaker. 'Vakhrushev is undoubtedly one of the best people in our region. The best, not by position and regalia but by the deeds done. Chukotka's most talented documentary filmmaker,' said expert Yevgeny Basov.


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