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AZRF resident opens a production of bio-additives from reindeer by-products and wild herbs in NAA

The company was visited by representatives of the Far East Development Corporation, the Government of the Nenets Autonomous Area and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.

14 September 2022

The Nenets Area has started producing active dietary supplements made from reindeer by-products and wild herbs. The products are registered under the brand name 'Nyavatana' of Natural Products of the Arctic. Natural Products of the Arctic received AZRF resident status in July last year and is implementing the project with state support under an agreement with FEDC.

The first line of products included slices and powder of reindeer velvet, horns, by-products, a herbal mixture of 'Arctic Willow Tea,' dried Arctic berries and more. Also worth noting as a separate item is pantohematogen 'Arctic' in dry and liquid form, as well as with additives from wild herbs. The entire product range is made from local, eco-friendly raw materials using state-of-the-art technology.

'We buy raw materials from local reindeer farms, and now we work directly with Izhemsky Olenevod. A batch of by-products was purchased from the last slaughter. In the spring of this year, we started production in test mode. Now we have a mass of finished product, namely biologically active supplements,' said Irina Svetlyakova, the company's director. 'I would like to emphasise that our local pantohematogen has very good characteristics. Our product is made from reindeer blood, which is well digested by the body.

Methodological and patent work is now underway to confirm the status of a small innovative enterprise.'


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