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Arkhangelsk Region to reduce the number of solid waste landfills almost threefold

By 2025, their number is to be reduced to seven.

8 December 2022

The Arkhangelsk Region authorities intend to reduce the number of solid waste landfills nearly threefold to seven sites by 2025, says TASS, citing the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Muraev.

"We have come up with a pilot scheme for creating a new, modern solid waste management system. We plan to build three waste-sorting facilities with a capacity of over 400,000 tonnes as well as three modern landfills. We currently have more than 20 landfills officially in operation. We plan to reduce the number of landfills to seven by 2025. Those that remain will be transformed into modern facilities. We will launch the new system in 2025. To create it, we will use federal resources," said Muraev.

He also added that the regional authorities intended to halve the volume of waste disposal in landfills by 2025.

"The big problem is with the landfills that are still in operation. They have a residual capacity and should have already been closed by now. If we don't create new facilities, we will have nowhere to dispose of waste. The question is how to reclaim the operating landfills. We are allocating funds to prepare the design and estimate documentation for three landfills in Novodvinsk, Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk. It will cost more than RUB 6 bn to reclaim those three landfills. We plan to include them in federal projects to secure funding," explained Muraev.


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