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Arctic Zone resident provides the Russian market with phlogopite mica

Phlogopite mica is a unique raw material used for the production of electrical insulating materials.

13 April 2022

Flogopit, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, is implementing a project to set up production of phlogopite mica concentrate using a unique patented processing technology in the Murmansk Region.

Raw materials are extracted at the Kovdorskoye mica deposit, the largest in reserves and the best in the world in terms of the quality of the mineral. To date, the Flogopit company has invested 54 million rubles of its own funds into the project.

Phlogopite mica is used in industry as a raw material for the production of mica electrical insulation materials (electric trains, generators, nuclear power plants, all industrial and household appliances, even simple ones, such as toasters, hair dryers, electric kettles — mica can be found everywhere). Mica from the city of Kovdor is a product of import substitution. At present, the production volume of phlogopite concentrate has already made it possible to fully replace the volumes that used to be imported from abroad.

Specialists have developed a unique technology for processing phlogopite from the waste dumps of the technogenic Kovdor deposit and have received state patents for this technology.

Flogopite is a type of mica, a natural mineral with unique electrical insulation properties. The history of mica use goes back many centuries. In Russia, mica was used for making windows and as a fireproof material, which is why the mineral was named phlogopos (Greek for "fire-like").

Due to its high electric, chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance, this mineral is indispensable as high-voltage electric insulator and is used in mechanical engineering, aircraft-building, nuclear power engineering and other branches of industry. Mica paper is produced on the basis of Kovdorskiy phlogopite, which is a semi-finished product for the production of mica plastics, used as electrical insulators for high-voltage electric machines, traction motors, low-voltage electric motors and transformers. Mica tapes, which are also produced on the basis of mica paper, serve as electrical insulation in power cables and are in demand in the cable industry.

Flogopit LLC is expected to produce 2 thousand tonnes of purified concentrate per month. This resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation needed only a short period of time to establish a new factory for processing phlogopite mica and producing concentrate. The first batch of 100 tonnes was produced here last December; already in March 2022 the volume reached 500 tonnes. All products were immediately dispatched to consumers. The company now employs about 40 people. Local workers have formed the core of the factory.

"The first batch of 100 tonnes was produced in December, and 500 tonnes in March. By the end of the year we expect to increase production and reach the target. All of the products went immediately to consumers. We supply the whole Russian insulation market - our phlogopite concentrate is used in all the branches connected with electricity - industrial and household. Electric trains, generators, nuclear power plants, all industrial and household appliances, even as simple as toasters, hair dryers, electric kettles - there is mica everywhere. Our goal is to have a piece of Kovdor mica in every household appliance all over the world," said Vitaly Manucharyan, General Director of Flogopit Ltd.

In addition to customers’ benefits, the AZRF resident project also brings benefits to local residents who work at the plant and receive a decent wage - 20% higher than the average in Kovdor. Today there are about 40 people working here. Everyone has been trained at the company's expense and received protective clothing and a social package. The company relies on local personnel.


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