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Arctic Research and Education Centre to develop 15 materials for 'growing' ship parts by 2024

This is needed to ensure the production of propellers, said Marat Yeseyev, Scientific Director of the world-class Russian Arctic Research and Education Centre.

15 November 2022

Scientists at the Arctic Research and Education Centre (AREC), established at the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU) in Arkhangelsk, will develop and register at least 15 materials for direct laser-grown ship parts by 2024 using additive manufacturing, i.e. printing on a 3D printer. Marat Yeseyev, Vice-Rector for Innovative Development at NArFU and Scientific Director of the world-class Russian Arctic Research and Education Centre, told TASS.

In shipbuilding, he says, the mass-strength ratio of the product is not as crucial as in aircraft production, meaning that the part can be made relatively heavy. But ergonomics is also important; you can save a considerable amount of material by using mesh structures, for example. The part becomes lighter and there is virtually no loss of strength.

Parts for the construction of ships must not only be certified, but they must also pass the maritime register and military acceptance in the case of equipment for warships.

The task of the AREC is to select promising projects, then propose them to businesses and connect developers and customers so that they can become investors in the project. To date, four powders have been entered in the Maritime Register through work carried out by AREC participants.


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