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Arctic Hectare beneficiaries in the Arctic region have formed a homeowners' association

Serebryanaya Skazka Homeowners' Association unites 70 land users of the Serebryanka 8 km road agglomeration.

14 April 2023

The first homeowners' association in the North West Federal District has been established by participants in the Arctic Hectare programme in the Murmansk Region. Serebryanaya Skazka Homeowners' Association unites 70 land users of the Serebryanka 8 km road agglomeration, TASS reports with reference to the regional Ministry of Property Relations.

It is noted that the homeowners' association form of governance will enable joint decision-making for the development of the agglomeration, facilitate interaction with state authorities and resource-supplying organisations, and reduce the financial burden of each participant in the programme.

The Hectare in the Arctic programme was launched on 1 August 2021, and seven regions in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation are participating in it. The highest number of applications for land plots has been received in the Murmansk Region.


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