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Almost 4,500 Applications for Participation in Arctic Hectare Programme Submitted in Murmansk Region

Governor Andrey Chibis noted that the Murmansk Region remains the leader in applications among the Arctic regions. 4,500 applications for obtaining an Arctic Hectare on the Kola Peninsula have been submitted; 2,000 plots have been provided, and contracts are being concluded for 600 more applications.

1 August 2022

'The programme is already available to all Russian residents; almost 400 applications have been submitted by residents of other regions. Meanwhile, the regional government's main task in implementing the project remains to build up interest in obtaining land so that people's desire to live and develop in the North stays high,' the Governor stressed. The news was reported by the regional government's media office.

Andrey Chibis reminded that the Arctic Hectare can be combined with such programmes as Governor's Startup, Your Home in the Arctic, support measures for roadside service development and many others.

'We see that interest in obtaining an Arctic Hectare is staying high. Locals, as well as our compatriots from other regions, submit at least a hundred applications monthly,' the governor said.


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