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A new electric vehicle for the Arctic has passed the test of cold

The new electric all-terrain vehicle has been tested at low temperatures for the first time.

9 December 2022

A similar model by the same manufacturer has been used in Yamal for several years. The only difference is that it runs on gasoline, reports the Yamal-Media news agency.

It has taken three years to develop the SUV's electric version. Engineering was done by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. So far, its battery lasts only 60 km, but the vehicle's driving range should be increased in the future. The vehicle 'Snegyr' and its load capacity have been tested in the Moscow Region. It held up but ran into minor difficulties in the water.

The designers have promised to improve the electric version so that it could be used in the Arctic. Production is scheduled to launch as early as next year. All of the all-terrain vehicle's parts are made in Russia.

"The all-terrain vehicle will look almost the same but will have an extra trailer with a generator on it. It's quiet and inconspicuous. We intend to use it in the North to deliver goods and people," says Alexander Afonin, head of the development department of the all-terrain vehicle's manufacturer.


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