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Arctic special equipment: all-terrain vehicles and amphibious vehicles

Why is the creation of Arctic engineering requires the best technology available

30 november 2020

There are almost no paved roads in the Arctic. In the long winter, you have to move through the deep snow-covered deserted expanses, and in the summer - through the swamps and swampy mud of the melted tundra. The thermometer can freeze for a long time at -50°C, and fierce winds pierce through. Ordinary cars will not be able to work in such conditions. To transport people and cargo all year round, you need special equipment with increased cross-country ability and a huge margin of safety. After all, the nearest village is sometimes hundreds of kilometers away, and any breakdown can turn into a tragedy.

For equipment that will work in extreme conditions of the Arctic, Russia has developed the Arctic GOST. Transportation of passengers and cargo must be carried out by special equipment of the Arctic line direction. These machines combine high cross-country ability, maneuverability, high load capacity, enhanced thermal insulation and durability. All equipment must work stably at a temperature of -50°C and below. There are also requirements for the environmental friendliness of the car in the region. They should not harm the fragile nature of the Arctic.

Creating such a technique is much more difficult than usual. Therefore, the Arctic zone of Russia acts, in fact,as a testing ground for the most advanced technologies. All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles designed specifically for the Far North are real masterpieces of technical thought.

Even the simplest wheeled all-terrain vehicles "Trekol" and "Yamal", which use serial components of UAZ and GAZ cars, are strikingly different from their southern relatives. Light weight and huge wide tires of ultra-low pressure allow them to overcome both deep snow and impassable mud.

All-terrain vehicles are available in modifications with an additional pair of the same wheels. And standard components are a guarantee that you will be able to quickly find the necessary spare parts to quickly return all-terrain vehicles to service.

Only tracked vehicles are able to get around "Trekol" and "Yamal" off-road. For example, such as the snowmobile "Beaver", which feels confident on any surface. And if there is a water barrier on the way, the "Beaver"will cope with it. No wonder it got this name: this car can swim at speeds up to 6 km/h.

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