Инвестиционный портал Арктической зоны России

'Arktika' faces final tests

On 23 June, the lead universal icebreaker 'Arktika' of Project 22220 left St. Petersburg for the final stage of sea trials.

23 июня 2020

According to TASS, over the next three weeks, the performance of the icebreaker’s mechanisms and equipment, the electric propulsion system, the manoeuvrability of the vessel, the rescue equipment and systems, and the navigation equipment will be tested in the Baltic.

'During sea trials, we will assess the interaction of the electric propulsion system with the nuclear power plant and the main turbogenerators. We have reached the final stage of tests prior to putting the vessel into operation', Mustafa Kashka, Atomflot CEO, said.

'Arktika' nuclear icebreaker is being built at the Baltic Shipyard by order of the Rosatom state corporation. 'Arktika' will become the largest and most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world. The icebreaker is designed for independent pilotage of ships, including large-capacity ones, leading of convoys in the Western Arctic. The dual-draft design of the vessel allows its use both in the Arctic waters and in the mouths of the polar rivers, in particular, in the shallow areas of the Yenisei and the Gulf of Ob.