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A Privately Funded Renewable Energy Project May Be Launched on the Solovetsky Islands

The Solovetsky Islands might become the pilot territory in which to introduce the concept of engaging private investment in the development of distributed power generation, in particular, that based on renewable energy, TASS reports

2 ноября 2020

At the moment, the archipelago receives energy from diesel power stations that produce a lot of toxic emissions. That is why the project on the so-called Solovki requires a nuanced approach.

At the first stage, they need to design rational solutions for the existing facilities of the energy industry and ensure the use of modern technology. At stage two, they need to provide the plants with modern engineering systems. For stage three, they will have to deploy additional facilities using renewable energy.

The pilot project on the Solovetsky Islands may interest private investors since it has a huge potential for the development of social and educational tourism and pilgrimage. During the tourist season, up to 30,000 people visit the island, while the permanent population is only 1,000 people.